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When did you start your modeling career? 

I started modeling when I was 16 years old. I got scouted by a photographer in a clothing store, he was working for them as a photographer and so he proposed and introduced me to the modeling scene. I started to model for Shana (name of the clothing brand) and after that I was going to visit some agencies.



How does an average ‘workweek’ look like for you?

I usually work and travel every week. When I have to work I wake up I early and go to sleep early as well because I need to feel relaxed before going to a shoot.

I enjoy having breakfast in the morning before going to the studio and having lunch with my work team! In the afternoon I always need to do a face-cleaning routine before going to sleep, because I spend all day with makeup on. If I have some time in the afternoon I try to do one of my hobbies like watching films, reading books, dance and listen and sing music.


How you do manage to have some ‘selfcare’ time in between jobs and travel?

Between jobs it is really hard sometimes because I spend many hours with makeup and going straight to the airport without having time.

But I have learned some tricks! First I always try to remove my make up after the job in the studio If I can but sometimes it’s not possible so then I wait until I’m at the airport and to it in the bathroom over there. When I travel I put on facemasks in the plane. I have a little trick when I’m working, I use eyepatches and masks while they are doing my hair. 

And every time I finish work or land in a different city and go to the hotel, which is usually at the night I really enjoy some hours having a long bath and doing my intense cleaning routine! It is very important to me to have selfcare, because of my work and because I really enjoy it too.

When I’m not working or traveling I love to have facial and body treatments in a beauty salon.


What do you love and dislike about modeling?

I love modeling because it really makes me feel good and I enjoy meeting new interesting people, discover new brands, the clothes, the make up,  the whole process and the industry, working with new teams and traveling to different countries.

I guess that’s are the pro’s.

I don’t find many con’s on it. Only thing is that I’m alone a lot. The distance with my loved ones is also difficult sometimes. 


What is the best job you’ve ever done? 

That was a big beauty campaign that we shot in Perú this year. I worked for them before in New York, but apparently they loved me and booked me again for Peru and New York again. The brand is called ESIKABELCORP.

I still don’t have the results unfortunately. But it is the best ones because it is a beauty campaign plus tv advertisements that we shot in NY two times and then Perú, and im the hero of the story.

I have never felt so important in a scene. What I also loved is that I was shooting with Dennis Leupold. He was directing me for acting advertisements as well and he is really good at it. I almost felt like I was in a movie. I do have some behind the scenes material! It was an unforgettable experience. See some behind the scenes pictures below!





What are the pictures you're are the most proud of?

TOMMY HILFIGER! When I started modeling I dreamed about working for them and guess what! I have worked with them for one year now and I also visited their big studios in Amsterdam. This makes me really happy.




How do you stay healthy and fit? What sports do you like?

I try to stay healthy nowadays more than ever before. I always could eat anything I wanted without counting calories, sugar etc. It was never an issue because thank God I have really really good genetics. My dad is from Armenia and my mom is from Russia , so you can imagine haha.

But nowadays I take care a lot, because I really enjoy trying to look for the healthiest things. I try to eat clean as much as possible and I love eating so I eat almost everything , as long as it’s healthy.

I don’t eat fastfood or pastries anymore but it’s true that I enjoy having some cheat meals and and I love baking cakes. So I aloud myself to have some guilty pleasures very often!

Especially in Russian cousine the food is very healthy and I grew up eating Russian food. 

To stay fit I’ve always practiced many sports, I’m really good with my body weight. I grew up dancing and doing gymnastic artistic and I also loved swimming.

Later on I moved to boxing and pole dance.

When I started working and traveling a lot all of these sports stopped and I just went to the gym and I run. 

I grew up doing sports and that helped me to stay fit for a long time, but nowadays i’m not doing any of these and I just focus on work.  But I need to stay healthy and in shape for my work of course. 


What is your absolute favorite destination in the world?

I have travelled to India, Instanbul, New York, Peru, Cuba, London, France, Italy, Sweden.. etc. It’s really hard for me to only have one favorite. I enjoy every country and city I go to, so I right now I can’t choose only one destination


What’s your favorite fashion brand? 



What’s your favorite meal?

Borsch (Russian soup)


Favorite item in your closet?

My heels, bags and jackets.


What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Having a cheatmeal, baking pastries and cakes (and eating them)


What music do you like? Fav song?

Pop rock and reggaetón.

My favorite song is from Maroon 5 - she will be loved.


Name one beautyproduct you can’t live without



What’s in your bag? (Like always?) 

My phone, a pen and notebook, some snacks and beauty products like lipbalm and perfume. And chewing gum. 


How do you balance your work and personal life?

I always go home for a few days or a week to my family to rest and then I go back to work! Or having some weeks off to have a little vacation :-) I live close to Barcelona so it always feels like summer! 




If you wouldn’t be a fulltime model, what would you like to do/be in life?

Since I was really little I always wanted to be an actress. Oh and by the way, when I got scouted I was studying theatre on the weekends. Ihave always wanted to be part of all this entertainment, fashion and beauty industry.

That’s why I have never imagined myself doing another thing, it’s hard to imagine that because I really enjoy this life and it feels like something I have always wanted.


What is your goal in modeling? And what are your personal goals?

My goal in modeling is to keep achieving my dreams. As I told you I always wanted to work with Tommy for so long and this dream came true.

So just keep achieving my goals, to succeed in my career, meet and work for the brands I love.

Always seeking good opportunities, doing good castings…

And if God wants, to improve myself in acting because I stopped with studying when I started with modeling full time. 


And about my personal goals, simply to become a better person.


How do you handle the home-quarantine situation? What do you like to do at home? 

When I’m writing this I have been in quarantine for 40 days now. At first I got dramatic because it is a sad situation for many families and this affected me.

Then I was still dramatic because as I told before, I travel and work every week and this was 

going last for a few months so to stay in lock down really affected me.

I had some stress trying to fix in the situation. But now it’s slowly getting better. I’m enjoying quality time 

with my family since I don’t see them very often.


When I wasn’t in quarantine and I just came home to relax, I was having treatments at a beauty salon, I walked with my dog and just overall enjoying my time off.

Since now we can’t leave the house I’m trying to relax and regain all my energy to be at 100% for when this situation is over, I’m staying healthy at home!

It’s been 40 days since I’ve done my last job but I actually did one job from home! I shot some photo’s for a nice jewelry brand!